How To Get An EHIC

If you’ve been putting off applying for your EHIC cover because you think the application process is time consuming and difficult, then think again. There is a range of options for getting your EHIC and the method you choose for your application will depend on your circumstances and preferences.

Applying online is perhaps the easiest and simplest way to apply for your EHIC. You can go online at any time of the day or night, and even use your smartphone to apply. You have a choice about which website you use for your application too. If you’re internet-savvy and are confident completing forms, then navigate straight to the NHS’s website where you can apply for free. If you’d prefer to have a check and send service before submitting your forms, or be reminded when your EHIC is about to expire then you are free to choose one of the third party application services who charge a fee for processing your EHIC and giving advice.

People who aren’t comfortable using websites still have the option of more traditional application methods. You can give the NHS Overseas Healthcare team helpline a call during office hours, and they can take you through the application over the phone. This helpline is also a good source of information if your circumstances are unusual, and if you aren’t sure whether you qualify for EHIC or not. The final way to apply for your EHIC is by post. You can’t pick up forms in the Post Office or anywhere else, but you can ask the helpline to send one out, or print one out from the website and complete it by hand. Once filled in, send off the form to the address given. Postal applications may take longer purely because of the time taken in the mail each way.